About Us

Pretty Dope Accessories strives to add a uniquely sophisticated and discreet aesthetic to the category ‘Cannabis Accessories’, an industry that continues to be heavily dominated by male preferences (i.e. dark woods, blacks, dark greens, and pot leaves).  The collection features 3 products in a soothing aqua blue floral pattern, with logos hidden for discretion.

Despite legalization, cannabis users are still stigmatized for their usage.  A large portion of users fear repercussions in the both the home and workplace if discovered, and therefore choose to keep their usage known to a close group.  We wanted to make stylish storage solutions that give us greater control over who gets to know.  The Pretty Dope Kit helps to conceal the odour using activated carbon in the bag, and simultaneously offers a luxurious and indulgent user experience with the tray and cones.  Pretty Dope is the only matching collection of such cannabis accessories on the market.... for now.  

Founder Michele Bowbyes, a luxury beauty sales and marketing veteran, saw a gap in the marketplace for cannabis accessories with style and decided to put her 15 years of brand building experience to the test.

“I wanted to create something for the cannabis audience that I’m a part of – sophisticated, feminine, and stigmatized.  I wanted stylish storage that concealed the odour for discretion, but I also didn’t want it to be something I would feel the need to hide when company comes over.  So I made a matching collection that would seamlessly blend in with the other pretty things in my life – my perfume, my candles, my linens.” - Michele Bowbyes, Founder